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Products : Daily Living Aids


In addition to those listed below, we have many other aids and products available, please contact us for our catalogue.


Swedish Trolley

Adjustable height trolley with plastic coated steel frame. Angled handles and rails on shelf to prevent items falling off. Swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability.


Powder coated steel backrest with nylon back upholstery. Adjustable to five positions and can be folded flat for easy storage.

Cardiff Adjustable Legrest

Supplied in chrome plated steel with black padded concave top. Height can be raised independently. Has non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips. Can also be supplied with four brake castors for manoeuvrability.

Adjustable Overbed Tables

We stock various overbed tables for either bed or chair. Height adjustable and with or without castors.

We stock a variety of chair and bed raisers in different heights and diameters.

Tights and Stockings

Many different aids in stock.


To assist in dressing, drawing curtains and picking up objects from floor or shelves. Many different lengths available.

Pill Boxes

We have pill organisers with compartments Weekly or Daily dispensers. Also tablet splitters and poppet pill removers.

An upper and lower body exerciser in one. Has adjustment resistance knob and non-slip feet.

V-shaped washable pillows for supporting the body in bed or armchair. We also have Prop-up Bed Wedge.


Various types of mugs available, with different size spouts with or without handles.


These have built-up plastic handles for those with weak or restricted grip. We also have lightweight foam handled cutlery. Different styles available.

These are available for cordless, standard or jug kettles.

A flexible guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one-handed eating.


Dycem bottle and jar openers and many others.

We have a kitchen workstation that is a multi-functional food preparation unit. Providing assistance with everyday kitchen tasks: grater and slicer, clamp, bread holder for one handled spreading and stainless steel spike for holding fruit or vegetables. Other items available.