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Products : Slippers and Socks


Soft top socks



Sandpiper extra wide fitting slippers are designed to give you extra width and depth, which is ideal for very vide or swollen feet. Most styles are machine washable, and are sanitised for extra freshness.

The Original Soft Top, Non-Elastic, Non-Marking, Gentle Grip Sock for Men and Women.

EXTRA WIDE Softop™ Socks

Our wide, Softop socks come with an extra roomy 10% of space to help those swollen feet or ankles. The fine wool fibres allow your feet to breath and will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

EXTRA WIDE Softop™ Socks - Men's Bamboo Rich

Extra Wide Bamboo Rich Softop™ socks. Made with 75% Bamboo, these non-elastic Softop socks offer the ultimate in comfort and help you maintain good foot care. Bamboo offers natural antibacterial features and is absorbent; it also has a super soft handle and is a sustainable resource.

Diabetic Sock

These diabetic friendly socks are perfect for those with sensitive feet. They are made with 94% cotton which makes them comfortable and cool to wear and have a cushioned terry loop foot for added protection in sensitive areas.