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Products : Pressure Care


Sero Pressure Cushions

Made from Top Grade 50 superior foam, the integral pockets allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, eliminating numbness and relieves pressure points.

Standard size available with or without cut-outs.


Wedge Cushions

These are ideal for car seats or office chairs.

They come in two sizes:
8 degree; and 11 degree;

both available with or without coccyx cut-out.

Lumber Roll

Good for counteracting slouching in most seats and are firm lower back supports

Available in 4", 5" and D roll.

Ripple Mattress Topper

Has hundreds of rounded contours which evenly spread body pressure and allows you to sleep in comfort. Place on the mattress under the sheet and feel the benefit. Available in Single, Double, Kingsize and Superking.

Putnam Pillow

The pillow cradles your head, supports your neck and correctly aligns your spine whether you sleep on your back or side.

Different sizes available.

Low Zone Cushions

The high conformity of the foam helps to reduce point pressures while remaining stable and absorbing shock. Lowzone is an 'extra severe' durability classification meaning that it will keep working when other conventional foams have given up.

Flo-tech Cushions

Solution: (shown Left) For the very high risk users these cushions provide superior pressure reduction and protection in the vulnerable ishial and sacral area.

Essential: (shown right) Provides basic comfort thanks to a highly resilient foam

Elbow and Heel Protectors

The sheepskin wraps around the heel/ankle or elbow and is held in place by a velcro strap. Any seams are positioned away from any skin areas at risk.

Pressure Care Assistant

A 65cm x 20cm strip of sheepskin, covering most of the width of a single bed, with flaps that can be tucked under the mattress. Areas at risk such as heels, sacrum, shoulders or head can be individually cared for.

Wrap Around Boot

Has been designed for comfort with velcro strapping at the heel and top of the foot to accommodate any changes in swelling.