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Products : Walking Sticks


Walking sticks are very personal items and each one should be chosen to suit the requirements of its user. Please click here for more detailed walking stick advice. If you need help determining the correct height of your walking stick please refer to Physiotherapists recommended advice.



Everyday Derby Canes

A large selection of Derby Classic Style Walking sticks available to order.

Fashionable Canes

"A pretty walking stick ensures its user feels fashionable and elegant.  A walking stick need never be frumpy or dull.  Whether a delicate floral or a bold animal print, a patterned cane is an expression of style and individuality as well as a fabulous finishing touch to any outfit."

Folding Canes

Our folding canes are immensely popular because they combine practical function with elegant design.  Many people find them useful because they can be folded away when not required, for example, when in a car or aeroplane, or in a restaurant.  All Classic Canes folding canes are height-adjustable.  This is a very useful feature, especially if the cane is being bought as a present for an absent recipient.

Orthopaedic Canes

"The Classic Canes’ range of orthopaedic canes addresses the specific requirements of many walking stick users. Within this range are wonderful designs that can make a great difference to the comfort and safety of people who suffer from hand problems such as arthritis or rheumatism, joint problems, visual impairment and even those who simply need an extra-long walking stick."

Seat Sticks

"The term ‘seat stick’ covers many practical seats ranging from traditional leather shooting sticks to fashionable seats made from contemporary materials. Everyone likes to take the weight off their legs and back at times, whether watching sporting events, at a picnic or simply for regular rests whilst going about day-to-day life."

Walking sticks are very personal items and each one should be chosen to suit the requirements of its user. These vary greatly and so there are many different types of handles. The main variations are shown here. When selecting a new cane, users should try various handles to find the shape and size that is most comfortable and supportive for them.